What Are the Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for Being a Long-distance Family Caregiver?

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Living far away from your elderly loved one can be nerve wracking, particularly if you’re worried about her health. If you and your loved one are still working out the basics of you becoming her long-distance caregiver, these strategies can help.Caregiver-in-Durham-NC

Ask Your Other Family Members for Help

Your other family members, especially if they’re living much closer to your elderly loved one than you do, can help you to keep tabs on the situation with your loved one. Talk to your loved one about who she feels most comfortable around so that you don’t inconvenience her and then work out a system that works for everyone.

Hire Elderly Care Providers

Elderly care providers are another option and you might even feel more secure with this solution. Elder care providers have experience in caring for elderly loved ones just like yours and they can help you to stay informed about your loved one’s health. They can help your loved one with all sorts of tasks or even just provide companionship when you can’t be there.

Put a Plan in Place for Emergencies

Your loved one may be in excellent health right now, but chances are that at some point there will be a situation that definitely qualifies as an emergency. You need to have a plan in place for that contingency now so that you’re not trying to figure out things like time off from work and travel arrangements when you’re worried out of your mind about your loved one.

Establish a Plan for Keeping in Touch with Your Loved One

As your loved one’s long-distance caregiver, you need a way to keep in touch regularly. One option is to schedule phone or video calls with your loved one for a set time every day or every other day. These give you a chance to see and to hear for yourself how your loved one is doing while catching up, too.

Become Acquainted with Your Loved One’s Doctors

Regardless of your loved one’s current health situation, it’s a good idea for you to become acquainted with her doctors. That way if there is a medical emergency, you’ve already established a connection with your loved one’s doctors and know who to contact.

Revisit your plans often to make sure that they still fit your situation as well as your loved one’s situation.


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Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO

Founder and CEO at Helping Hands of America
Gavin Densmore is founder and CEO of Helping Hands of America LLC, Raleigh North Carolina’s oldest Senior Care agency, alocal niche patient-centric service provider toindividuals living in the Triangle of North Carolina.

Mr. Densmore has over 30 years of comprehensive sales and marketing experience including over 13 years of operational home care experience. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Marketing.

Mr. Densmore is active in many business and industry associations. He is a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and has served on the board for the Alzheimer’s Association Eastern NC chapter. His home care agency is the agency of choice for the State of NC, Duke University and Duke Medical, UNC and UNC Healthcare, WakeMed hospital, Rex hospital, Duke/Raleigh Community hospital, and Duke Energy.He has been an invited speaker at several industry conferences and recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

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