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Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

Independence and autonomy are valuable concepts for everyone. This does not change simply because someone has gotten older. In fact, older adults often feel even more passionate about hanging on to their independence because they can Elderly-Care-in-Raleigh-NCsense it going away and are already dealing with other challenges and limitations, such as diseases, health concerns, and cognitive issues. As a family caregiver you can help your aging parent to maintain better mental and emotional health through supporting their ongoing independence and autonomy throughout their later years. One way that you can effectively accomplish this is by starting elderly care for them.

An elderly home care services provider can give your senior a personalized set of services that are tailored to managing their specific needs and challenges in a way that is compassionate, nurturing, and conducive to their highest level of health, happiness, safety, and wellbeing as they age in place. One of the beneficial services that your parent can receive from such a care provider is assistance with their laundry.

Washing laundry is something that you likely do regularly without even thinking about the energy or effort that has to go into it. For an elderly adult who is dealing with mobility problems, balance issues, pain and stiffness in the joints, or other physical or cognitive issues, however, doing the laundry can be a very difficult undertaking.

Some of the benefits of an elderly home care services provider helping your parent do their laundry include:

  • Sense of control. Not being able to do something that they once did can make your parent feel as though they have lost control over their lives. This can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly for a senior who has always managed their own needs. If you simply take over doing tasks such as their laundry for them, you further this feeling of being out of control. By having a care provider come in and help your parent with this task you let them keep up the sense that they have continued control over their life.
  • Dignity. Many elderly adults are extremely private people. Older generations tended to have a greater sense of personal space and modesty than younger generations, which can make it even more difficult for them to just allow you to take over a task such as doing their laundry. A care provider can help them to manage much of this task on their own so that they can preserve this sense of dignity and privacy, protecting their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Modified steps. Sometimes your parent not being able to do their own laundry is about their individual challenges and limitations making certain steps of the task challenging or dangerous for them. An elderly home care services provider can modify the task of doing the laundry in such a way that it is easier for your parent to do at least some of it themselves. This can include dividing the laundry into loads for them, dispensing the soap so that your parent can pour it in, or taking the laundry out of the dryer so your parent can fold it.


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Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO

Founder and CEO at Helping Hands of America
Gavin Densmore is founder and CEO of Helping Hands of America LLC, Raleigh North Carolina’s oldest Senior Care agency, alocal niche patient-centric service provider toindividuals living in the Triangle of North Carolina.

Mr. Densmore has over 30 years of comprehensive sales and marketing experience including over 13 years of operational home care experience. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Marketing.

Mr. Densmore is active in many business and industry associations. He is a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and has served on the board for the Alzheimer’s Association Eastern NC chapter. His home care agency is the agency of choice for the State of NC, Duke University and Duke Medical, UNC and UNC Healthcare, WakeMed hospital, Rex hospital, Duke/Raleigh Community hospital, and Duke Energy.He has been an invited speaker at several industry conferences and recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

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