Household Care

Helping Hands of America as provides cleaning services to our clients as well.  Home Care will provide for “light housekeeping”, which is focused on the rooms of the house that our aides are providing care in.   Just like Molly Maids does not handle meal preparation or bathing, our aides do not do “deep cleaning” as you would expect a cleaning company to do.  However, it is a service we provide with a separate staff of professional cleaners; they do deep cleaning!


Top 10 Reasons to Hire Helping Hands of America
Many of our clients began their relationship with Helping Hands of America by asking one simple question: “Why should I choose you?”

While we could spend an entire day explaining the myriad of reasons why our professional cleaning services are perfect for you, we prefer to let our satisfied customers do the talking for us. So, here are 10 reasons why our customers continue to trust Helping Hands of America for their house cleaning needs.

1. “My home is cleaned my way.” Helping Hands of America has many different options to fit your busy schedule, and we clean the way you would if you had the time. Learn more about our custom cleaning plans.

2. “I have more time to do the things I want to do.” With the average size of today’s home larger than it has ever been, removing “clean the house” from your to-do list can add a massive amount of free time back into your life.

3. “I trust Helping Hands of America to truly care about my home.” With our locally owned and operated office, you will experience our attention to detail that and commitment to your satisfaction.

4. “Flexible and affordable fits with our busy lifestyle.” No matter what your schedule or budget dictates, Helping Hands of America has an option for you! Lessen your workload, return your sanity and gain more time with those you love with Helping Hands of America today!

5. “The relationship we’ve established is one I can depend on.” Your local Helping Hands of America residential housekeepers will come into your home and lessen your workload, all while developing the sort of relationship you hope to have with someone that you entrust your home to.

6. “There are no contracts.” At Helping Hands of America, we know that life can be surprising at times. Do not hesitate to call us with your special house cleaning request!

7. “My home has never looked better!” With routine cleaning from Helping Hands of America you will understand why many of our customers have been with us so long. We have the time, talent and resources to turn your home into the haven you had always hoped it could be.

8. “People notice.” At Helping Hands of America, we have some of the most skilled professional house cleaners available. Helping Hands of America cleanliness has set the standard for clean across the Triangle and each of our professionals knows how to uphold that cleaning standard.

9. “The guarantee equals peace of mind.” If you are not satisfied with any of your Helping Hands of America services, simply notify us within 24 hours, and we will return to ensure that your happiness actually happens!

10. “Our cleaning professionals are insured and bonded.”  While we know the people we’ll arrange to clean your home, you don’t.  Our bonding insurance is the most cost effective, peace of mind we can buy for our clients.