How We Do It

First Contact

Upon receiving an inquiry regarding care services, either the owner or our Director of Nursing will come to your home on an appointment basis. The appointment is set at a time convenient for you, your family and other interested parties.

Initial Meeting

During this initial meeting, an assessment is done to identify your needs, requirements, and overall home-situation. The Helping Hands representative will explain Helping Hand’s  in-home care services and suggests the level of service deemed most appropriate.  Most often the discussion leads to a mutually acceptable Plan of Care.

Plan of Care

The Plan of Care is a document outlining the specific care services, schedules, client preferences, and special instructions, which Helping Hands employs to achieve your satisfaction.  As your situation changes, the Plan of Care is modified to reflect those needs.  It provides a central focus to all parties involved with your care.

Introducing the Aide

Once the Care Plan is accepted and a service agreement is completed, we make every effort to match you with just the right aide based upon personalities, skills, expertise, interests and attitudes.

 Continued Follow-Up

After the aide has been placed in the home, Helping Hands  continues to make visits and telephone check-ins to you and your assigned Aide to ensure the best possible service is being provided.