What Can You Do to Empower Your Parent to Make Their Own Treatment Decisions?

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A diagnosis with cancer is a stressful and intimidating experience. Once your parent has heard this diagnosis, though, the real challenges begin. They must not only process the fact that they have cancer, but also that they will need to decide how they are going to handle the disease. The treatment and course of management that they choose will make an extensive impact on how they get through this experience and what will lie ahead of them for the rest of their life. As their family caregiver it is important that you are there for them to help them not only understand the treatment options that are available to them, but to empower them to make the decisions that are right for them.


Use these tips to empower your parent to make their own treatment decisions when they are facing cancer:

  • Make no treatment a valid option. Simply because you are discussing treatment options does not mean that your aging parent has to select any of them. Choosing not to pursue any type of treatment is a valid treatment decision and it is important that your parent knows that. Let them know that you will be supportive of their decision if they decide that it would be better for them to not approach their cancer aggressively and instead focus on living out their lives in the best way that they can.
  • Learn with them. Choosing what type of treatment option is best for them is not always a simple prospect. Their doctor will have recommendations for what they feel is the right approach for your parent, but this does not mean that that is the only path that your parent can take. Spend some time learning about the various treatment options with your parent so that they can have all of the information that they need to choose the approach that feels right for them.
  • Withhold your judgments. You are going to have your own thoughts and feelings about their cancer and what you think that they should do, but it is not your choice. It is important to remind yourself that this is your aging parent who is going through the disease and the final decision as to how they are going to handle it is completely up to them. Offer them your thoughts or opinions only if they ask for them, and remind them that you are there for them no matter what they choose. This will give them confidence to evaluate the options based on their own thoughts and convictions rather than on worrying about what others will think.


Starting senior care for your aging parent can be an exceptional way to help them to handle their experience with cancer in the way that is right for them. Regardless of the treatment option that they select, this senior home care services provider can be in the home with them to provide the physical assistance and care, emotional support and guidance, treatment reminders, transportation, and more that your aging parent needs to live a lifestyle that is as safe, healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling as possible.


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Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO

Founder and CEO at Helping Hands of America
Gavin Densmore is founder and CEO of Helping Hands of America LLC, Raleigh North Carolina’s oldest Senior Care agency, alocal niche patient-centric service provider toindividuals living in the Triangle of North Carolina.

Mr. Densmore has over 30 years of comprehensive sales and marketing experience including over 13 years of operational home care experience. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Marketing.

Mr. Densmore is active in many business and industry associations. He is a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and has served on the board for the Alzheimer’s Association Eastern NC chapter. His home care agency is the agency of choice for the State of NC, Duke University and Duke Medical, UNC and UNC Healthcare, WakeMed hospital, Rex hospital, Duke/Raleigh Community hospital, and Duke Energy.He has been an invited speaker at several industry conferences and recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

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