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Focus on Elderly Care Services – Laundry

Oct 21, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

Independence and autonomy are valuable concepts for everyone. This does not change simply because someone has gotten older. In fact, older adults often feel even more passionate about hanging on to their independence because they can Elderly-Care-in-Raleigh-NCsense it going away and are already dealing with other challenges and limitations, such as diseases, health concerns, and cognitive issues. As a family caregiver you can help your aging parent to maintain better mental and emotional health through supporting their ongoing independence and autonomy throughout their later years. One way that you can effectively accomplish this is by starting elderly care for them.

An elderly home care services provider can give your senior a personalized set of services that are tailored to managing their specific needs and challenges in a way that is compassionate, nurturing, and conducive to their highest level of health, happiness, safety, and wellbeing as they age in place. One of the beneficial services that your parent can receive from such a care provider is assistance with their laundry.

Washing laundry is something that you likely do regularly without even thinking about the energy or effort that has to go into it. For an elderly adult who is dealing with mobility problems, balance issues, pain and stiffness in the joints, or other physical or cognitive issues, however, doing the laundry can be a very difficult undertaking.

Some of the benefits of an elderly home care services provider helping your parent do their laundry include:

  • Sense of control. Not being able to do something that they once did can make your parent feel as though they have lost control over their lives. This can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly for a senior who has always managed their own needs. If you simply take over doing tasks such as their laundry for them, you further this feeling of being out of control. By having a care provider come in and help your parent with this task you let them keep up the sense that they have continued control over their life.
  • Dignity. Many elderly adults are extremely private people. Older generations tended to have a greater sense of personal space and modesty than younger generations, which can make it even more difficult for them to just allow you to take over a task such as doing their laundry. A care provider can help them to manage much of this task on their own so that they can preserve this sense of dignity and privacy, protecting their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Modified steps. Sometimes your parent not being able to do their own laundry is about their individual challenges and limitations making certain steps of the task challenging or dangerous for them. An elderly home care services provider can modify the task of doing the laundry in such a way that it is easier for your parent to do at least some of it themselves. This can include dividing the laundry into loads for them, dispensing the soap so that your parent can pour it in, or taking the laundry out of the dryer so your parent can fold it.


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Grilling Safety Tips for Older Adults

Jul 21, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

Most people enjoy spending their summer days having barbecues with their friends and family, grilling their meat and vegetables to perfection. Something as simple as grilling can quickly become dangerous if the right safety precautions are Elderly-Care-in-Raleigh-NCnot used.

Seniors in particular need to be cautious when handling a grill. One minor burn can be very dangerous to the health of an aging adult. By having an elderly care professional assist your loved one with the grilling and by following these tips, the senior will be much safer when helping at the next family cookout.

  • Place the grill in a safe place. Grills can easily cause a fire if placed near a house, deck, shrubs, trees, or anything that may be flammable.
  • Clean it after each use. When grease and fat build up on the grill’s racks, it can easily catch fire. Make sure it is cleaned after each use in order to prevent a fire from starting.
  • Propane grill safety. Check for leaks on the gas tank hose. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you can check for leaks by applying soapy water. If there is a leak, you will see bubbles. If not, then it will be safe to start using. If you or your loved one smells gas while cooking, quickly get as far away from it as possible and call the fire department.
  • Charcoal grill safety. When using starter fluid, children and pets should be far away from the grill. Only starter fluid should be used. Also, let the coals completely cool before removing them.
  • Never leave the grill unattended. When a grill is hot and left unattended, a fire could begin or a child or pet may touch the grill. Someone should always be supervising it to prevent an accident from happening.
  • Consider an electric charcoal starter. If having your aging loved one work with a propane or charcoal grill makes you nervous, try an electric charcoal starter. No fire is needed for this device. Make sure to use an extension cord in order to use it outdoors.

No summer is complete without at least one cookout. However, for elders with tremors or who have a difficult time focusing on the task at hand, grilling can be a dangerous undertaking. An elder care provider can supervise your loved one and assist when needed to ensure they stay safe. Along with cooking help, these caregivers are able to help the elder with other housework or yardwork, as well as transportation to and from appointment. Keep your aging parent safe when working the grill by using these tips.

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How Art Therapy Can Benefit Elderly Adults

Dec 23, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

When most people think of the typical relaxation techniques or activities that help calm the mind and foster a happy mood, exercise, a healthy diet, and meditation usually come to mind. One activity that is proven to reduce anxiety and Elderly-Care-Raleigh-NCdepression and bring happiness to elderly adults that often gets ignored is art. Elderly adults who have never painted before may believe that art therapy can only benefit those with art experience, but this is not the case! In fact, even elderly adults who are new to painting and creative expression can benefit from this therapeutic activity. Read on for some of the many health benefits that art therapy can have for elderly adults.

Creating Art Reduces Anxiety and Depression
Many elderly adults face anxiety and depression due to living in isolation, living with chronic illnesses, and losing loved ones. Creating art through painting and drawing can help relieve anxiety and depression as it has a calming and soothing effect on the mind.

Creating Art Fosters Self-Esteem
Elderly adults will experience a boost in self-esteem and self-worth as they look at something that they created. In this way, art can be a big confidence booster for elderly adults who may have feelings of hopelessness as their health declines.

Art Can Become a New Hobby
Elderly adults who may have always had an interest in art, but never had the time to pursue it while working full time may enjoy making painting their new hobby. When it comes to art and painting, it is never too late to learn new skills. Elderly adults who take up a new hobby, such as painting, will find that their days will be more exciting and less boring. Painting is also the perfect activity for the winter months, when it is easy for elderly adults to feel bored and cooped up in the house.

Art Can Be a Social Activity
For elderly adults who are interested in learning new art skills, taking an adult education art class is an excellent idea. In an art class, elderly adults can meet others with similar interests and have a social activity to look forward to every week or month.

If you have an elderly loved one that you believe may benefit from art therapy, you can encourage them to get started. Canvases, paint, and paintbrushes can make a great holiday gift and it may help spark their interest. You can also offer to paint with them or make artwork together.

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Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Physically Fit

Dec 2, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

Age can bring about physical decline in your elderly loved one. Exercising can counter this decline, though it may be tougher to find exercises that are appropriate.Elderly-Care-Raleigh-NC

To reduce the risk of age-related injuries, implement regular balance exercises into your loved one’s daily routine. Here are some suggestions for easy at-home balance exercises to help improve coordination and decrease your loved one’s risk of falling.

The following exercises are great for strengthening the lower back as well as hips and thighs, as well as improving balance. Take a look at a few easy exercises for your elderly loved one.

  • Balance walk: Your loved one should hold her arms straight out from her side and try to walk a straight line for about 15-20 steps while keeping her head straight. Then pause for one to two seconds when lifting her back leg off of the ground. Tip: her eyes should be kept focused on a point in front of her.
  • Heel-toe walk: Place the heel of one foot so that it’s touching the toes of the other foot for 15-20 steps. This may be difficult for your loved one, but she should try to get as close as she can. Tip: her eyes should be kept focused on a point in front of her.
  • Stand on one foot: Let’s start with an easy one. Have your loved one stand on one leg while holding the back of a chair. Pretty simple. Stand on one leg at a time for at least 10 seconds. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Tip: be sure that your loved one uses good posture.
  • Back leg raises: While holding onto a sturdy chair, have your loved one slowly lift one leg straight back without bending his or her knee and breathe out. The other leg should be bent slightly. Repeat 10-15 times with each leg. Tip: your loved one should not point her toes and try to lean forward.
  • Side leg raises: While holding onto a sturdy chair, have your loved one stand with her feet slightly apart and breathe in. Then, breathe out while slowly lifting one of her legs to the side. The other leg should be slightly bent. Have your loved one hold the position for one second, then breathe in as she slowly lowers her leg. Repeat this 10-15 times. Tip: your loved one should keep her back straight and toes facing forward.

Be sure that your loved one does not do these exercises alone and only engages in exercises that are not too challenging.

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Can Your Bed-Bound Elderly Loved One Still Exercise?

Oct 28, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

When your loved one is stuck in bed all day and all night, her muscles can weaken. Especially if her time in bed is meant to be a short term situation, you need to help her to maintain at least some of her muscle mass. Getting her to be active–Elderly-Care-Raleigh-NCeven in bed–is not as difficult as it first sounds.

Use a Stationary Pedaling Device
Those stationary pedaling devices that you can use to cycle while you’re on the couch can help your elderly loved one, too. Your loved one can use the device with her feet and with her hands. It’s something that’s easy to use, for as long as she wants. One way to use it is to rest during her favorite show, but fire up the action during commercials. If your loved one is new to any type of exercise, build up slowly.

Play Kid Games
Kid games are so fantastic because you don’t notice that you’re exercising while you’re having a ton of fun. Try blowing bubbles together and trying to catch them. Tossing soft foam balls back and forth is another way to get some movement in and have fun at the same time. Look for really easy and fun activities that help to get the blood pumping.

Look for Desktop Exercise Tools
Do you have any of those desktop games that can double as exercise tools? Maybe you’ve got a miniature basketball hoop, or a small punching bag. While those help you to beat stress when you’re at work in your cubicle, they can do double duty as exercise tools for your bed-bound elderly loved one, too. Make them a game, so that you can add lots of fun to the game.

Try Range of Motion Exercises
Talk to your loved one’s medical team and to her elderly care providers about the different range of motion exercises that she can do. Practice them with her so that you can do them when you’re together as well. If she’s just beginning to do these activities, she might be a little bit frustrated that she doesn’t have the results that she wants right away. Helping her do them as often as possible can help her to get better results more quickly.

Even though your elderly loved one is in bed, that doesn’t mean that she can’t get some exercise during the day. Try out different activities to find the ones that she enjoys the most.

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How You Can Help an Elderly Loved One Manage Blood Pressure and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Oct 16, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Elderly Care in Raleigh NC  //  Comments Off

Elderly Care in Raleigh NC

As your elderly loved ones age, they may need you now more than ever. Depending on their health conditions, doing everyday tasks, such as taking a bath, can prove to be challenging to someone with mobility and physical limitations. As the Elderly-Care-Raleigh-NCprimary caregiver of a loved one receiving home care, your role may include a number of tasks, but one that should be included is blood pressure management. Over 80% of the 350,000 Americans who die each year have high blood pressure-related challenges. What makes this condition so deadly is the fact that it can occur with no warning signs until it is too late. The best way to battle high blood pressure is by regularly monitoring it for both you and your loved one. Here are some ways you can help your loved one manage his blood pressure and heart-healthy habits that he should be doing for a healthier life.

Blood pressure management
All it takes is a few small, but crucial steps to manage your blood pressure. Put these ideas to use when providing in-home care for your aging loved one.

  • Have a goal. To begin blood pressure management, take out a pen and paper and write down the reasons you want to lower your blood pressure. It could be to stop current medications you are on, to live a longer life, or to increase energy levels.
  • Make a list of barriers. Have your loved one make a list of things that may make it difficult for him to reach his blood pressure goal. Once the list is made, go through it with him to remind of the importance of lowering his blood pressure.
  • Get the necessary equipment. Now that you helped your loved one create a goal and list of challenges, it is time to put the plan to action. The first step is purchasing a blood pressure monitor and showing your aging parent or relative how to use it properly.
  • Reward him. Once his goal has been met, celebrate!

Healthy habits
Encourage the senior to make these changes to his or her lifestyle:

  • Let the senior make his own goals. If your loved one has a say in what his health goals are, he will be more likely to stick with it.
  • Give him the resources he needs. Help him meet his goals by providing the right foods and tools. For example, if he wants to eat a healthier diet, stock the pantry and refrigerator with healthy options.
  • Be positive. One of the best motivators is a positive attitude. If your loved one sees that you believe in him, he will be more motivated to reach for his goals.

By making the right changes to their diet and monitoring their blood pressure, seniors can live a life with a reduced risk of heart disease.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for elderly care services in Raleigh, NC, call Helping Hands of America at (919) 948-1181. Call today!

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