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Simple Ways to Keep Your Parent Warm without Using Excessive Energy

Oct 5, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

October is Energy Management is a Family Affair – Improve Your Home Month. Since this is also the time of year when many places are seeing the definite change in temperature that comes with the fall season, now is an ideal time for you as aSenior-Care-in-Cary-NC family caregiver to look into ways that you can help your parent to stay warm and comfortable without using excessive energy and resources. This is extremely helpful in keeping your parent cozy and healthy without costing them a tremendous amount of money or putting a strain on natural resources.


Try some of these simple ways to keep your parent warm without using excessive energy:

  • Cover up. The temperature in your parent’s home during the cooler months of the year should not be set so high that they are able to wear short sleeves or shorts inside comfortably. This means that the climate control system is set too high and is putting a tremendous strain on their utilities. Instead, the temperature should be set so that they need to wear long sleeves or even a sweat suit to stay comfortable. This also helps to reduce the dramatic shift in temperatures from inside to outside, which has been shown to increase the risk of illness.
  • That goes for floors, too. While you are making sure that your parent is wearing proper clothing, also consider the type of flooring that is in your parent’s home. Bare flooring such as wood, tile, linoleum, and marble do not hold heat and can be extremely cold to the touch. Covering these floors helps to keep the floor feeling warmer and holds on to warmth so that it keeps the entire space more comfortable. Be sure to choose covering that will not move or tangle beneath your parent’s feet to help prevent tripping or falling.
  • Let the light in. During the day, open your parent’s windows and blinds to let as much light in as possible. This will bring with it radiant heat that will help to keep the space warmer.
  • Block the cold. Something as simple as a tiny space beneath a door can make the home feel extremely chilly. Go through your parent’s home and check beneath all of the doors to feel if there is a breeze coming from under it. If you feel air moving, tuck a towel or draft blocker against the bottom of the door. This will keep the cold air out and the warm air in, increasing the indoor temperature without having to crank up the heat.


Starting senior care for your elderly parent can be an extremely beneficial way to help them save energy and keep their home more efficient. A senior home care services provider can help your aging loved one evaluate their home and their daily activities to find areas of their home that may be utilizing more energy than necessary so that they can help them to make meaningful changes to help them save energy and live more efficiently. This will not only help them to save money, but can give them an emotional boost knowing that they are doing something good for the planet by reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment for the future generations. When it comes to helping them to stay warm and comfortable in their home throughout the cooler fall and winter months, this care provider can also help your parent to stay properly dressed, pay attention to the needs of their home to make adjustments when necessary to keep the air inside the home warm and comfortable, and keep their home properly organized to ensure your loved one has access to supplies that they need to maintain their temperature effectively.


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The Importance of Educating Your Parent on What to Expect During Surgery

Jul 12, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

Senior Care in Cary NCAs a family caregiver you do not ever want to think about your aging loved one having to undergo surgery. For many elderly adults, however, surgical procedures and treatments are simply a part of getting older. When your loved one has to undergo this type of medical treatment, whether it is a common surgery such as a full hip replacement or knee replacement, or a more extensive treatment such as a heart surgery or a procedure related to cancer, it is important that they feel prepared for their surgery. Helping your loved one know what to expect during surgery will help them to feel more secure so that they are better prepared for the experience as well as the recovery afterwards.

The importance of educating your parent on what to expect during surgery includes:

Helping them prepare themselves. Knowing what they are going to undergo during surgery will help your loved one to know better what to do in the hours and days leading up to the procedure. This can help them to better understand the instructions given to them by their doctor and be more willing to comply with them.

Less of the “unknown”. The unknown is often the most frightening thing for people going into a new experience such as a surgery that they have not had before. When you take away this element of the unknown your parent can feel more secure about the experience. They will know what is going to happen to them so they are less afraid of the outcome. Knowing that you know what is going to happen during the surgery can also help give them confidence that you will be “following along” as you wait, giving you a better idea as to how long the surgery will be .

Prepare for recovery. Knowing what is going to happen during the surgery is the first step in your parent knowing what they are going to do during their recovery. When your loved one knows details such as where incisions will be, if there will be a catheter or intubation involved, and other aspects of the surgery, they can better know what type of recovery they will know what they may experience after. This can give them peace of mind that they are fully prepared when they go in for their surgery.

If your parent is going to be undergoing surgery in the near future, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. A senior home care services provider can be an incredible resource for your aging parent and for you during the recovery period after their procedure. Through a personalized approach to care and support, this care provider can help your senior address their personal care needs as they recover, as well as handle housekeeping, errands, and other needs that will allow your parent to focus on resting, healing, and working their way back to their active, healthy lifestyle. This will also help your parent to build their courage and strength to pursue activity again even when they are dealing with the pain and other symptoms that are common after surgery.

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How to Keep an Eye on Your Elderly Loved One’s Health as a Long Distance Caregiver

May 26, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

When you’re a long distance caregiver, it’s difficult to know for sure how your loved one is doing. She might end every call by telling you that she’s fine and meanwhile she’s actually struggling with daily tasks. Even though you’re far away, that Senior-Care-in-Cary-NCdoesn’t mean that your loved one doesn’t have other forms of help available to her.

Wellness Checks

Local law enforcement and fire departments offer a service whereby they’ll stop by your loved one’s home to check on her and to make sure that she’s alright. Some other assistance agencies, like the Red Cross, offer a similar type of service by telephone. You can also ask friends or family members who live near your loved one to check on her for you. This method is extremely helpful if your loved one is resistant to outside help and still lives in her own home. It gives you peace of mind without being too intrusive for your elderly loved one.

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems are an excellent way to give your loved one a fast lifeline should something go wrong. These can be standalone personal alarm devices that your loved one wears on her wrist or as a necklace or they might be tied to a home alarm system that offers more comprehensive services, too. You can also check with your employer. Some corporations offer at-home monitoring services for employees’ elderly loved ones. It’s worth checking with your company’s human resources division to determine if this is available for your loved one.

Senior Care Providers

If your loved one is open to the idea, senior care providers can come in daily, weekly, or on another type of schedule to help with everything from basic housekeeping and cooking to personal care tasks. Your loved one might not like the idea at first, so you may want to start with smaller visits and then work up to more advanced care. This is another great way to help your loved one to stay at home and still get the care that she needs every day.

Finding the right balance as a long distance caregiver can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

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Spring Asparagus Tart

Apr 7, 2016   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

Now that spring has finally returned, it is time to turn your senior care thoughts to enjoying all of the wonderful things that this season has to offer. This includes warmer weather, more abundant sunlight, and plentiful fresh produce bursting Senior-Care-in-Cary-NCwith delicious flavor. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your elderly loved one to find new ways to explore these tasty, nutritious foods in your regular routine.

This spring tart is a unique way to enjoy the classic spring vegetable of asparagus. Rather than just roasting or sautéing this crisp, flavorful vegetable, embed it in a rich, creamy custard for a meal that is packed with protein and vitamins. Serve this tart alongside your favorite springtime meat, or have it on its own as a light and elegant lunch.

What You Will Need

  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh tarragon
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh chives
  • 1 pound of pencil asparagus with the bottoms chopped off
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup of mascarpone
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of kosher salt
  • 1 nine and a half by nine inch sheet of frozen puff pastry
  • 1 tablespoon of all-purpose flour, plus more set aside for dusting
  • A baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • A large bowl
  • A sharp knife
  • A paring knife
  • A mixing bowl
  • A cooling rack
  • A clean surface to work the dough
  • A rolling pin

What to Do

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F
  • Thaw the frozen puff pastry
  • Lightly beat the large egg and put aside
  • Zest 1 tablespoon of the lemon and put aside
  • Line the baking sheet with some of the parchment paper
  • Flour the clean working surface lightly
  • Roll the puff pastry out on the floured surface into a nine by twelve inch even rectangle
  • Place the pastry onto the baking sheet
  • In a large bowl, combine 1 and 1/4 teaspoons of the salt with flour, mascarpone, the egg and lemon zest
  • Fold in the tarragon
  • Fold in the chives
  • When well mixed, spread the mix over the puff pastry
  • Make sure to leave a border about 3/4 of an inch from the edge, uncovered
  • Use the paring knife to make small cuts along the borders edge about one inch apart
  • In the mixing bowl, combine the olive oil and the asparagus
  • Toss the asparagus in the oil until well combined
  • In a neat row long the surface, lay half of the bowls worth of asparagus so that the tips meet the edge
  • Repeat with the opposite direction using what is left of the asparagus
  • Use the pepper and remaining salt to season to taste
  • Place in the oven
  • Bake about 25 minutes, or until the tarts border has puffed up and a deep golden color while the top is lightly spotted a golden brownish color
  • Remove from the oven and place on the cooling rack
  • Allow to cool for about 10 minutes
  • Serve warm, with lightly dressed greens

If you or an aging loved one are looking for senior care services in Cary, NC, call Helping Hands of America at (919) 632-8891. Call today!


Senior Care Recipes: Rugelach

Dec 31, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

The holiday season is all about cookies, and there are few things more joyful in your senior care journey than getting into the kitchen with your loved ones and making something delicious to enjoy with your family. This recipe is for traditional Senior-Care-Cary-NCrugelach, a treat usually found during Hanukkah celebrations that can be just as delicious on your Christmas buffet or at any other time during the year. Less sweet than other Christmas cookies and filled with healthy ingredients including apricots, raisins, and walnuts, these are treats that you can feel just as good about eating with your seniors as you do making them with them.

What You Will Need
• 1 egg
• A teaspoon of milk
• A small bowl
• An egg beater
• 1/2 of a cup of apricot preserves
• A food processor
• 1 cup of walnuts
• A sharp knife
• 3/4 of a cup of raisins
• 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
• 1/4 of a cup of light brown sugar, packed
• 2 cups of all-purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
• 1/4 of a teaspoon of kosher salt
• 1/4 of a cup of granulated sugar plus 9 tablespoons separated
• 1/2 of a pound of unsalted butter at room temperature
• 8 ounces of cream cheese at room temperature
• An electric mixer with a paddle attachment
• Flour for dusting and the work area
• A clean flat surface
• A rolling pin
• A medium bowl
• A baking sheet
• Parchment paper
• A food brush
• A wire rack

What to Do
• In the small bowl, beat the egg with the tablespoon of milk to create the egg wash and set aside
• In the food processor, puree the 1/2 cup of apricot preserves
• Place the cream cheese and butter into the bowl of an electric mixer with a paddle attachment and cream them until light
• Add 1/4 of a cup of granulated sugar, the vanilla and salt
• On low speed continue to mix and add the flour until just combined
• Dump the dough onto the well-floured workspace
• Roll the dough into a ball
• Cut the ball into quarters
• Wrap each piece of the ball in plastic
• Refrigerate the dough pieces for one hour
• Combine 6 tablespoons of the granulated sugar, 1/2 of a teaspoon of cinnamon, walnuts, raisins and the brown sugar in the medium bowl
• On the floured board, roll each ball into a 9 inch circle
• Spread the apricot preserves onto each piece of dough
• Add 1/2 cup of filling on top
• Press the filling lightly into the dough
• Cut the circle into 12 wedges, cutting the whole circle in quarters, then each quarter in thirds
• Roll up edge wedge, beginning with the wide edge
• Place the parchment paper on the baking sheet
• Place each cookie on the baking sheet with the points tucked underneath
• Place in the refrigerator and allow to chill for 30 minutes
• Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
• Brush each cookie with the egg wash
• In a small bowl, combine 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
• Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar onto the cookies
• Bake until lightly browned, about 15 to 20 minutes
• Remove and place on a wire rack
• Allow to cool completely before serving

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Tips to Breathe Easier

Oct 23, 2015   //   by Gavin Densmore, Founder, CEO   //   Senior Care in Cary NC  //  Comments Off

Senior Care in Cary NC

November marks the 20th annual recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness month which started in 1995. The movement grew due to more and more people developing this deadly and debilitating disease and not understanding there are things Senior-Care-Cary-NCthey can do now to help and prevent its development.

During this month, there are people all around who come together to try and increase awareness about lung cancer and the steps that can be taken to prevent this disease. While lung cancer is a disease that can strike at any age, seniors are often more prone to its development due to a number of factors. This is why it is so important for adult children and senior care professionals to help seniors fully understand their role in preventing the onset of this disease.

Seniors and lung cancer
According to stats from The Oncologist, more than 50 percent of lung cancer patients receive diagnosis when they have reached the age of 65 or over. About 30 percent of these individuals are over the age of 70. Compared to their younger counterparts, the elderly do not tolerate chemotherapy as well, which is the best option for treating the disease. This is why it is important to take steps early on to try and prevent the disease. While there is no 100 percent fool-proof way to eliminate the development of lung cancer, there are a few tips that can help to reduce the risk.

Steps to minimize the risk of developing lung cancer
While there is no absolute, guaranteed prevention method for lung cancer, there are a number of things seniors can do to help reduce their risk, such as:
• Maintain a regular exercise regimen
• Eat a diet rich in Vitamin A
• Manage stress
• Reduce exposure to irritants to the lungs, such as smoke and second hand smoke
• Visit the doctor regularly
• Use alternative therapies

Who’s at risk?
The absolute cause of lung cancer has not been pinpointed; however, researchers have been able to identify a number of factors that are related to the disease. Some seniors who are at a higher risk to develop lung cancer than others include those who:
• Are consistently exposed to irritants and chemicals
• Have diets that are deficient in A vitamins
• Exposed to large or consistent amounts of smoke or second hand smoke

Take action now
It is never too late to take steps to get healthier. In fact, there is no better time for adult children and elder care providers to step in and help seniors learn how to work toward preventing this deadly disease. November is National Lung Cancer Awareness month, so taking steps to breathe easier is a great way to show support. There are also a number of walks, and efforts in a number of communities to help spread awareness about lung cancer and the steps that can be taken to prevent its development in seniors, as well as people of all ages.

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